Our name was created to represent our beliefs – All Birds Count!  We are truly passionate about the care and breeding of all birds, as well as the conservation of birds in their natural habitats.  We are dedicated to the Avian Community through ongoing research and education.

We specialize in breeding Exotic Birds that are hand-fed and well-socialized for pets. We also specialize in rare mutations, such as rare colors.  All birds come from disease-tested parents, which is very important for the health of your baby.  Our goal is to provide you with complete customer service and educate you every step of the way in order to assure the best transition for both you and your new family member!  The more you learn about your bird species the happier you will be!  We are here for you 24/7... to help with any questions and provide any advice you may need no matter how long you’ve owned your bird!  Our Aviary is in Montgomery, Texas. We live on site to assure our birds are cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   All birds are available for local pick up, or we will gladly ship via United Airlines for an additional fee.   Please feel free to call, or text us, anytime at 936-777-0208.

ABC Bird Sales, LLC is family owned and operated by Mike and Shannon Harris of Montgomery, Texas, along with their son and his wife, Holden and Chelcea Smith.  

Mike and Shannon are seasoned entrepreneurs, and with five children, they bring “family owned and operated” comfort to ABC Bird Sales.  The Harris Family is actively involved in caring, feeding, and socializing all of our birds!  Holden and Chelcea are committed to the every day well being, care and breeding of all birds in our aviary.  We all have a natural love for animals!  Not only do we love our birds, we also breed Labrador Retrievers.  Our family pets are our silver lab, Ariel, and our black lab, Ammo, our white lab, Aspyn, and our newest member to the Labrador family is a charcoal puppy named Ashlynn!  Holden and Chelcea also have a charcoal lab, Gracie. Our first pet bird was a Blue Quaker!  We were immediately hooked and wanted to provide the same wonderful experience of owning a bird to others!    We have created an excellent breeding program and provide close guidance and services for families to become happy, well educated, bird owners!