The grey is a medium-sized parrot

  • VERY intelligent birds and can have mimic sounds and words exactly- Some say they even understand what they are saying
  • Provide frequent water baths or showers to maintain normal skin/feather quality and to manage the large amounts of powder dust produced by the African Grey
  • These intelligent birds require plenty of physical and mental stimulation.
  • Grey’s are very sensitive and like routine, even a small change in routine can effect these birds
  • The Timneh African Grey like lots of people and does better with commotion
  • A Congo Gray prefers less chaos
  • CONGO African Gray’s have light gray bodies and bright red tails.
  • Timneh African Gray is smaller than the Timineh and darker Gray body with a maroon tail.
  • Not overly demanding birds but are curious and clever, so they need lots of stimulation to keep them happy
  • They will let you pet and head scratch but are not an overly affectionate bird
  • They are 12-14” and about 400-500g lives 70-80 years old
  • Cage Requirements bar spacing should be no more than 5/8” pacing. The cage should be a minimum of 28’ wide x 24” depth is a minimum. Play top cages are great for African Grey’s. We always recommend the largest you can fit and afford.