Bird Biting



Certainly, you got that right, along the lines of dogs birds can be without question trained to get rid of undesirable manners. In this case, you’ll be able to train a bird to not ever nibble by positive (never ever negative) reinforcement. Choose a loudness or a word. As soon as your bird is biting you too hard, duplicate the phrase, and place them all back in their cage.

Parrots often link being put back within their own cage with abuse. Eventually, your own bird will associate your own loudness or perhaps word (for instance “gentle chew” or “no chomp” or “no bite” with the meaning of stop biting now, please. You’ll be able to likewise make this happen along with their own favorite treat. Whenever your bird is no longer biting you, permit them to have their own favorite treat to encourage them for sitting on you quietly.

Small Earthquakes Stop Biting Birds

Earthquakes? What?! By earthquakes, of course, we mean the small movements of your arm. When a bird bites their owner, it takes concentration. If you notice your bird biting, or preparing to bite, move your arm a bit to stop biting in its tracks.

Don’t Let Your Bird On Your Shoulder

Birds associate being up high with dominating another bird, or in this case, you. If you let your bird climb on your shoulder or head, you encourage this dominating behavior. You also encourage your bird biting your ear – ouch!

Wing Clipping As A Method To Stop Birds From Biting

When you clip a bird’s wings, you take them down about ten pegs in terms of aggressiveness. We’re not exactly encouraging wing clipping of your bird, just saying that wing clipping of a young bird may give you many months to work on the aggressiveness issue. When a bird’s wings are clipped they come to need you for their movement, and may come to trust you more. It exists as an option, though a controversial one, to stop a bird from biting.

Make The Biting Birds Environment A Safer One

Many reasons that birds bite come from fear, or feeling threatened. When a bird parrot can’t fly away (it’s first choice of defense from danger) it will use the last resort that it has: biting their human owner. Birds are prey animals, and need to feel protected from harm such as new situations, aggressive pets, and even young children. Move your bird to a safer environment, such as a quieter room, if your bird is biting. Remember, once your bird feels safe and settled, it will trust you more, and will stop biting hard (if not stop biting altogether.)

Provide your bird a happy home (and lots of discipline) and your bird will come to respect you by not biting. A birds biting can never be fully avoided, but with these tips, you can stop bird bites from happening more often than you’d ideally like.