Cages & Safety

Carefully selecting a cage that is right for you bird is important. This is their home where they will spend a lot of time. I believe the most important rule for a cage is bigger is always better, the more room they have the happier they will be. You have to keep in mind that once you add toys the living space is drastically reduced. Many owners keep their parrots in cages that are too small. Parrots are active birds by nature and confinement to a small space can be sufficient stress in itself to cause psychological disturbances. Where your parrot resides needs to be more of a habitat than a cage, with multiple nooks, and perches of varying size and shape (more on this under the toy section). Carefully consider cages with play tops depending on the species, any bird that has a tendency to have a dominate personality, when you place above your eye level you are putting them in the dominant role and that can lead to them having a dominant attitude. Always be sure your cage doors are secure birds can and will unlock them and climb out.

TIP: Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper and change every few days, big time saver. If the grate is removable and your birds are never on the bottom of the cage remove it and hang about the cage (if you have a play top) and use it to hang toys from.