Cockatiels are outgoing and comical, and usually love to cuddle. They are the most popular pet bird in America. They love to sing and whistle!  They love to forage, snuggle on your shoulder, and like lots of toys!  Watch their crest to tell their moods... often

A defensive cockatiel will hold its crest feathers flattened close its head, and it might hiss if especially stressed. A relaxed cockatiel will have slightly held back crest feathers, as well as fluffed cheek feathers and you might also hear it contently grinding its beak. They can be chronic egg layers and don’t need a mate to lay eggs! They need extra calcium in their diet, for this purpose.  They are ground foragers and like to spend time at the bottom of their cages. They need fun toys and plenty of room to flap their wings in their cages.  They are about 12-13” long, weigh 70- 90g., and they can live between 10-14 years. Cages should be a minimum of 16x22x26 high. We always recommend the largest for your fit and affordability.  Your bird should be weaned at about 9 weeks old.