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  Office Phone:  936-588-8809        

If we don’t pick up, please leave a message and we will return your call when we return from caring for our birds and, yes, that does include the fun, socializing, playtime with the babies while we are away from the phone!  

Cell Phone/Text Message:  936-777-0208

You are welcome to send us a text message at any time.  Please let us know if you accept text messages in return!  There are times when we are out with the birds and we can respond to a quick text message!  We also like to send pictures and/or face time you and the birds!

  E-Mail address:

We are happy to respond to email inquiries throughout the day and night feedings of our babies that are being hand fed around the clock!

  ABC Bird Sales & More ~ Quaker Parrots Texas

You can message us any time on either our ABC Bird Sales & More or Quaker Parrots Texas Facebook pages! 

Location:  Montgomery, Texas