• Conures small to medium-sized birds
  • They like frequent baths which are needed to maintain good feathers and skin
  • They LOVE toys... foot toys and hanging and are quite entertaining to watch. They are little CLOWNS. Switching out toys often to keep them stimulated is necessary
  • Tend to be curious and bold
  • Approximately 9-10 inches and weigh between 62-70grams
  • Need daily playtime outside cage to get exercise
  • Not overly loud
  • Some of the mutations seem to talk quite easily- Especially the Green Cheek and
  • Many mutations (color changes, not hybrids
  • Great pets as they are outgoing and playful
  • Cages should be a minimum of 16x22x26 high. We always recommend the largest you can fit and afford.
  • Wean at about 9 weeks old


A few varieties:


Green Cheek Conure- tends to be a favorite with pet owners because it is a smaller bird with a lower noise level. Very playful and entertaining birds that can often learn to talk. Comes in a variety of color mutations. As with any bird they will bite if provoked. They are 9-10” long and weigh 60-80g. They live 20- 25 years.

Sun Conure- a very popular pet choice because of its bright colors of Yellow, Orange and Green. They tend to be very vocal and can be quite loud. Has a very sweet temperament. They do not reach their full color until they are about 2 years old. They love to lay on their backs and play with toys. As with any bird they will bite if provoked. Not a great talker but may pick up a few words and sounds. They are about 12” long and weigh 110g. They live between 15-25 years.

Golden Conure (Queen of Bavarian)

 Bright Yellow with Green Wings. Highly endangered and you must have a permit to sell across State lines. They make great pets and are very affectionate, as well as intelligent. They are very lively and and acrobatic. They like to chew, so you”ll need plenty of wooden toys. They are very prone to feather plucking, possibly due to their high energy needs. About 13” in size and weigh about 270g.


Blue Crown Conure

 This cutie is sometimes referred to as a mini macaw. These are very amicable birds and make great pets when hand fed. Not the cuddliest bird but for sure likes attention. Blue Crowns are pretty laid back birds and will not enjoy being left in a cage without attention. They love their toys and need plenty to chew on. They are about 15-16” long and weigh 140-190g. They live between 25-30 years.


Nanday Conure

Are very affectionate and good talkers. They are not quiet birds, for sure. They need lots of socialization and are highly intelligent. They really need lots of exercise a minimum of 4 hours a day outside the cage. They are about 11-12” long and weigh 120-150. They live between 20-25 years.

Black Cap Conure

 Make sweet and playful pets. Tend to be on the quieter side of pet birds. They love to be handled,  but can be nippy. They also have a strong chewing ability so need a strong cage and plenty of wood  to chew on. They are about 9-10” long and weigh 70-80g. They live between 20-30 years.