WHY DOES MY BIRD BITE: to express its not happy, show dominance, get a reaction or when in fear and to protect itself. Birds bite for one of two reasons. They are either fearful or frightened or they are brave, possessive and aggressive.

Do ALL birds BITE: Yes all birds bite they have good days and bad just like people. It is helpful to learn your bird and their body language. I always correct the behavior and tell them “NO BITE” Birds use their beaks to climb, almost like another limb/arm, if they slip they may pinch/bite you, not to be mean but for their safety of grabbing on.

TALKING: Not all birds talk even if they have the ability. Some may start talking at a few months and others a few years. Don’t give up, keep speaking and repeating the same things to them. It does take a lot of time and effort to teach a bird to talk, just like a child.

ARE BIRDS MESSY: I would have to say YES, they can be. They sometimes shake their head splattering their food. They poop a lot. I recommend putting newspaper on the bottom of the cage and changing every few days.

BEAK GRINDING: Completely normal, its happy or conditioning its beak.

RUB ITS BEAK ON THE CAGE: to groom itself or get your attention

WHY DOES MY BIRD PLAY WITH MY FINGERNAILS: They are made of Keratin the same thing the feather is wrapped in. They are grooming you and trying to help you get your new feather☺


SCREAM: They do this to get your attention and get a reaction. Try not to respond. When getting a new bird remember to not spend any more time with them than you will 6 months down the road. With training we use the three time rule. Tell them NO up to three times if they continue I say “TIME OUT” and back to the cage it goes. You must be consistent with this.

STAND OR SLEEP ON ONE FOOT: Not sure why they do this but they do… Maybe to give their foot a rest. Chances are they are just fine.

DETROY TOYS: This is how they play. It’s normal and part of owning a bird. A happy baby plays hard and we get to buy new toys.

BOB THEIR HEAD: Quakers in particular will do this often… hence the name. They do it when they are happy, excited and hungry.