Food & Chop

Birds like people like variety, you do not have to feed the same thing every day or every week. We feel they need a variety and that helps with boredom. You certainly can but feel free to change it up. It will not hurt them to not have it every day if you go out of town or have a busy few days, they may holler at you but they will be ok. You should NOT feed to much seed as it is high in fat and has very little nutrition. Birds LOVE seed and enjoy eating it, but it should be given in moderation. They also like to feel like they are a part of the family, remember birds are flock animals, if they see you eating they will want to eat. We choose to feed to chop and also wean to chop. Many people only feed pellets. This is totally up to you. Just be sure and research for yourself and make the best decision for you.

Birds in the wild spend much of their day looking for food

SIZE of the chop varies some like it small and others like it larger so they can pick it up and bite off of it. Try it both ways and see what is best for your baby. With chop be sure not to leave it in the bowl to long if your bird is outside or it is warm in the house as it can spoil and breed bacteria.

Many birds like to eat what you eat. I always have some on the side of my plate I can “share” with my babies.

When asked about the most prevalent health problem seen in pet birds, most veterinarians would respond: “Malnutrition”. Malnourishment will make your bird more susceptible to Disease, and a host of other serious Health Issues. Thus, resulting in the demise of our feathered companions. This is a highly debated subject, through the years of research many experts disagree as to what constitutes a healthy diet. Seeds seem to be the most controversial issue regarding bird eating habits. Some experts claim they are good, while others insist they are unhealthy. Some experts claim sunflower seeds taste good and are addicting. Birds will eat seeds to the exclusion of all else, eventually leading to a poor state of health. While birds require some of the fat found in seeds, an all-inclusive Seed diet is Unhealthy. Most are now turning to a seed mix with safflower instead. The fat content in the safflower is higher than sunflower, but the bitter taste keeps birds from getting hooked on them. Still, this is not a nutritionally sound diet. The Safflower Seed must be mixed with other foods of nutritional value to achieve superlative results.

Pellets are the results of years of research and testing. Pellets are considered a nutritious diet for parrots and are recommended by Veterinarians, Breeders and other Avian Professionals. Fruit and vegetables, should be offered daily. The Golden Rule is, Fresh is best. Some vegetables, like Yams and Broccoli should be cooked. However, most can be offered raw. All should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any pesticides from the store.

What is Chop?

It refers to a finely chopped or processed mix of fresh and cooked foods to be fed to birds.

Why Chop?

They are a great way to introduce new foods to birds who are picky eaters. It is also a way to offer a variety of food each day. You can make fresh every day or even freeze it and take out what you need each day.

How to Feed Chop?

We offer chop first thing in the morning and let them have it for an hour or two. You have to be careful leaving it in to long if it is warm it can sour and grow bacteria. All of our birds are weaned to chop so they should be used to it. Be careful in only giving them their favorites, put equal amounts in

We will give you more information on food when you have purchased your bird from us.