• Macaws are often referred to as the SHOW BIRD
  • Macaws make good pets when the owners are dedicated, responsible, and well informed
  • Macaws require a large amount of space in a quality made cage or room with lots of LARGE, STURDY toys as well as a play stand is always nice
  • They love to take baths and showers
  • Most of the large macaws are considered gentle birds, however all large macaws can be quite noisy.
  • They are highly intelligent and needs lots of stimulation
  • Macaws are generally pretty good talkers
  • Macaws like for you to become part of their flock and be included in your family activities
  • Macaws are very social and if you are going to own a Macaw need to be sure you have the time to spend with your pet. They need daily interaction and extended amount of time out of their cages
  • Most Macaws require firm and consistent training
  • Macaws are great chewers and can tear down your house faster than termites, therefore it is important to provide plenty of high quality toys to chew on and plenty of attention
  • Not recommended for an apartment or townhouse as they can be heard long distances
  • Expected life span 50-6o years depending on the species
  • Macaws wean between 4-6 months old
  • Adults can range from 30- 40inches in length, can weigh from 900g-2000g and can have wingspans ranging from 36-45 inches, depending on the species.


Everything about the macaw is big, from their voices to their attitudes. Anyone who shares their life with one of these birds knows that they contain surprisingly soft and loving hearts and are very sensitive.


B & G’s tend to make great pets and have a pretty even tempered and intelligent. They love to be around people and are pretty easy to socialize. They learn tricks pretty easily as well. They are full of personality and have a willingness to learn tricks.

Their coloring is obviously Blue & Gold with a beautiful Blue Body and dark Lemon Yellow Chest.


Green-wing macaws are the second largest species of macaw. Green-wings are also considered to be one of the friendliest birds in the macaw family. They are the GENTLE GIANTS of the Macaws. Surprising given their size they do well with small children and others as long as they are trained that way from the beginning.

Their coloring is bright reds, greens, and blues making the Green-wing one of the most spectacular birds on the market. They are very good talkers.


Scarlets tend to be Sassy big birds with lots of personality and energy. They are highly intelligent. Some say they are the best talkers of all the Macaws. Some say they are the moodiest of the Macaws but we believe this is a bad wrap and with good training they are just as sweet as the other Macaws. They do require firm and consistent training.

Their coloring is primarily red, as its name implies, with a band of yellow in the center of the wings, followed by a band of blue leading to the flight feathers. In some birds, there may be a band of green where the yellow meets the blue. Some people confuse the scarlet and the green-winged macaw, though there are prominent differences. They have the longest tails of all the Macaws. They are also the only Macaw with a bare face and tiny feather lines.





They are very chatty and social. They have a reputation for being even tempered and very pleasant Macaws. Even though they are not the most affectionate of the Macaws if they have been handled and socialized they can become pretty easy going.

Their colors are mainly green, will beautiful blue edging on their wings and a red patch on their forehead. Their beaks are black .


Red Fronted are the smallest of the large macaws. They are Olive Green with Bright Red on their forehead, ears, shoulders and socks. The inderneath of their wings are red, orange and yellow. They are usually about 24” in length. They are very friendly and loveable. They can also become good talkers.



Are unlike any other macaw species out there. They are literally crosses of many popular macaws species, bred strictly for color and pet quality. Here are a few of the hybrid’s but nearly all of them.


A Ruby is a cross between a Scarlet and a Green-Winged Macaw. They tend to have a fun, loving personality that love to be pet and cuddled. While a Ruby is affectionate they need firm and consistent training to help them become a well socialized bird.

Their coloring is stunning with a red head and neck and bright yellow and orange feathers scattered across the center of its back and wings.

A Shamrock is a hybrid of a Military and a Scarlet. This is a pretty popular hybrid after all its parents are both very popular macaws. They are brightly colored and thrive on interaction with their “Flock” family.



They are a mix of a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Green-Wing Macaw. Often have laid back personalities and are affectionate.

Their colors very greatly but most have deep orange on their chest and bellies, with lots of blue and green on their backs. Sometimes with a little Gold on their tale feathers.


The Catalina Macaw is a hybrid macaw. It is the offspring of a Scarlet macaw and a Blue & Gold macaw. They tend to have the sweet nature of the Blue & Gold and the stunning color of the Scarlet. Their chest area is a vibrant sunset color, and the back and wing areas are a beautiful green. The tails have blue, green, and black on them.


Camelot’s are a cross between a Scarlet and Catalina Macaw. They are beautifully colored with Orange, Yellow and Blue. Most Camelot’s have a green nape. They vary greatly in color.