Deposits are non-refundable unless seller is unable to provide buyer with the species and color requested at the time deposit was made and an alternative species or color is not agreeable with the buyer.

Orders will be filled in the order in which deposits are received.

Buyer will be notified when their bird(s) are ready for delivery.  Balance is due in full, including any and all shipping costs, prior to delivery and no later than five (5) days after said notification.  Pick up or transportation arrangements must occur within ten (10) days from date buyer is notified their bird is ready for delivery.  There is a $10 per day boarding fee for any and all birds that are not picked up or transported within the ten (10) day period after buyer is notified.  In the event SELLER is unable or unwilling to deliver the bird(s) to BUYER for any reason at the designated time, including the SELLER’s own decision to keep the bird(s) for himself, then SELLER agrees to refund all monies, including deposit monies, to BUYER within seventy-two (72) hours of SELLER’S decision to not deliver the bird(s).

BUYER is solely responsible for any and all delivery fees and costs associated with the delivery incurred by the SELLER.  Standard shipping via United Airlines is $150, including the required transportation crate.  Larger species may require additional an addition fee based on the required crate size.  Seller will notify the buyer of any extra fees incurred at the time shipping arrangements are confirmed.     

ABC Bird Sales, LLC warrants that, at time of purchase, the bird(s) invoiced are in good health.  The BUYER is encouraged to have bird(s) examined, at their expense, by an avian certified veterinarian of his/her choice within 72 hours from the day of shipment or local pickup. Buyer and Seller do not consider a mild growth of gram-negative bacteria post shipping to be a disease but recognize this as a stress-related reaction to being shipped and recognize this mild growth of gram-negative bacteria to be normal.  If, however, during this 72 hour period, the examining avian certified veterinarian determines there is a genetic disorder or physical illness that cannot be cured or is cost prohibitive, this company agrees, at its discretion, to either refund to the BUYER the purchase price or to replace said bird(s) with bird(s) of the same species, sex (if known) and age or bird(s) of equal value if so agreed by BUYER.   ABC Bird Sales, LLC reserves the right to get a second opinion at our expense.  In the event SELLER fails to obtain a health check up by an avian certified veterinarian within said 72 hour period from shipment or local pickup, then BUYER understands and agrees that the sale is one of “as is” condition.

BUYER is aware and understands, that all parrots are capable of biting and/or scratching humans and other animals, and BUYER hereby waives all rights to litigation against SELLER for injuries or illnesses caused to BUYER or other humans or animals by bird(s) purchased from ABC Bird Sales, LLC. BUYER agrees to assume all liability for injury caused by said bird(s) immediately upon delivery of bird(s) by SELLER to BUYER. BUYER also assumes responsibility immediately upon delivery of bird(s), for escape, loss, or injury of bird(s) secondary to bird(s) ability of flight.

By purchasing any birds from ABC Bird Sales, LLC BUYER acknowledges receipt of and agrees to all Terms and Conditions contained herein.