1. Birds need consistency. Try to be in a routine with feeding. They will let you know if you miss the routine.
  2. Do not let kids or anyone poke in or tantalize your bird this is mean and will stress them out. They will bite as they should, that is how they protect themselves.
  3. Want a better chance for them to talk? Repeat the same words and phrases multiple times a day: Hello, Pretty Bird, Whatcha’ Doin’, I Love You, Bye-Bye
  4. Millet is very nutritional and they love it. Provides Protein, Fiber, Vitamin B and K and more, also promotes alkalizing effect for the baby and they LOVE it.
  5. Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper and change every few days, big time saver. If the grate is removable and your birds are never on the bottom of the cage remove it and hang about the cage (if you have a play top) and use it to hang toys from.
  6. I use baby wipes to wipe down my bars daily, then I don’t have to do a full cage clean as often.